Rebecca O’Bryan – Founder/Executive Director

Rebecca is a long-time animal rescuer and advocate. For more than twenty-five years she has done TNR work, rescued injured wildlife, and taken in and found homes for dozens of animals.

When her father passed away in another state and left five dogs behind she began to realize the problems people face when trying to find homes for someone else’s pets at the same time they’re dealing with the death or disability of the owner. She ended up finding a wonderful home for the bonded pair, and bringing the others home to California, but it could have been a disastrous situation.

A few years later one of her dear friends passed without making arrangements for her dogs, apparently assuming one of her remaining relatives would take them in. When the relative refused to help, Rebecca spent frantic weeks trying to find them a home quickly, as the relative was threatening to have them euthanized.

That was her impetus to create BAARCS – the need to provide a sanctuary for pets who are suddenly homeless and have no one to advocate for them.

Douglas Winslow – Board of Directors

Doug is the owner of Animal Mountain, an exotic animal sanctuary located near Woodside. For more than thirty years Doug has rescued exotic animals from roadside zoos, neglectful owners, and those who thought they wanted an exotic animal and then realized they have no idea how to take care of it.

Doug is a strong supporter of BAARCS and his input and guidance have been instrumental in helping to shape our plans and policies.