BAARCS will be...

a sanctuary for the pets of those who are no longer able to care for them

Whether due to homelessness, illness, or death, we will take your pets in and provide them with a lifetime home.

a cage-free shelter, so your pet will never be locked away.

Our animals will be free to roam their fenced multi-acre play area and enjoy lots of socialization with our staff and visitors. They’ll have their favorite food, toys, beds, and as much comfort as we can give them.

BAARCS will have a veterinarian on staff

along with several vet tech interns, so there will never be a concern that your pet won’t receive the very best of veterinary care.


If you find it hard to think about life without your pet, imagine how your pet will feel about life without you.

Once we open our permanent facility we will become a lifetime care facility, a viable alternative for pet owners who may not have anyone available who can care for their pet.  

Until then, we offer a long-term fostering program. Please contact us for more information.